CSX Whatyamacallit

So what do you think this strange looking device is for? I think it has something to do with railroad ties but I’m not entirely sure how it works. It almost looks like it would lift them up toward the cab based on the carriage near the front but that doesn’t make much sense to me.


Either way it’s a cool looking device with all sorts of hoses, tanks and other moving parts. It even looks like it has two sources of power.


It was part of a larger convoy of other strange looking equipment tasked to maintain the local rail yard. Equally confusing in appearance but all wearing the same awesome shade of green.

Other CSX Equipment

Jet powered snow blower

American Crane CR 94037

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  1. Tom says:

    It is a Tamper. The paddles or fingers in the center go down and pack the ballast(stone) under the ties when they are replaced.

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