Demag AC665

Here is a big crane. I could leave it at that and move on with life but as NBC told us for years, the more you know the more you grow. To get specific this is a 1997 Demag AC665 complete with 190′ main boom, 134′ fix jib extension, and a 213′ luffing jib. For those outside the crane world most of that information won’t make that much sense, myself included, but from the raw numbers you can tell this crane has some reach. The luffing jib is the small looking jib that angles away from the main boom. According the web it allows for the jib to move independently from the boom for precise lifting and landing of cargo. The carrier is powered by a Cummins N14-500E while a Cummins 6 BTA 5.9- C200 provides muscle to┬áthe lifting unit. New paint, upholstery and many other parts all around. If you have 699,000 laying around this can be yours today! Visit Empire Crane for more details.

Demag Crane

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  1. I definitely agree that the more you learn the better. However, I, like you, am not very crane savvy. I can appreciate the size of the crane though. I must admit that it is a cool piece of equipment. Thanks for your post. It is nice to know I am not the only one who still finds construction equipment cool without understanding much about them.

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