Empire Farm Days 2013

Yesterday I spent some time at the Empire Farm Days show outside of Seneca Falls, NY. Farm Days is something of trade show for farmers and other folks in the agriculture industry. Seminars, equipment demonstrations, and other farm related stuff all take place during this three day event. It’s a fairly impressive show in both scope and size. I really don’t know anything about farming but I do know that enjoy looking at the impressive equipment that modern agriculture depends on.

Look at this harvester, it’s like an alien space ship.

Every major manufacturer of farm tractors and implements is on hand for the Empire Farm Days. There are even a few upstarts of speciality vehicles that squeeze in among the big boys. Below is a small sample of what was on hand. The technology of the equipment is impressive but I’m not sure how the average farmer can afford any of it.


Below is a video of the New Holland forage cruiser in action. Corn doesn’t stand a chance.


As I said, there was A TON to see at this show. Tomorrow I will share some of the trucks, vintage tractors and other cool items from the auction yard.

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