Everyday Big Rigs – Baseball Season

Welcome to our continuing series, Every Day Big Rigs, in which we take at look at the often overlooked modern trucks that keep our world turning.

Baseball season is here and that can only mean one thing. Bizarre off the field injuries! You know, like sneezing so hard you throw out your back, falling through a glass table while dreaming of spiders, cooking yourself in a tanning bed, and my personal favorite, an abdominal strain from eating a cupcake that later caused vomiting.

I’m sure we have a long way to go before the “mom I’m too sick to go to school” calls start keeping players off the field. Right now every team can dream of that magical post season run in late fall. Dunedin, Florida is the spring training camp of the Toronto Blue Jays and was recently a hot bed of activity as players and executive staff reported for duty. Apparently some members of the team would rather have their exotic rides shipped down to sunshine state for the duration of camp. Who can blame them when they don’t foot the bill?

Ed was nice enough to share these photos off the veritable fleet of trucks necessary to move the whims of a MLB team from their home stadium. No wonder hot dogs cost nearly five bucks!

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