Sennebogen 825

It’s hard to drive by a machine like this Sennebogen 825 and not feel the urge to stop and take a photograph. So that is exactly what I did. Plus I like to say the name Sennebogen. This particular 825 looks to be setup for timber work based on the boom attachment. One of the more interesting aspects of this machine is the elevating cab. If I am reading the brochure correctly the cab can rise to a height of 8 foot! No more craning your neck to see what you are lifting.

Sennebogen 825 – Click to Enlarge

The video below shows the Sennbogen 825 in action.

For more information you can visit the official Sennbogen by clicking here. Plenty of interesting machinery and cranes to gawk over. Well worth the visit. Who knows, you may even learn some German.

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