Happy Thanksgiving 2016


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What magic is it in the turkey that makes us all remember, late in November, to give thanks for the blessings that America provides? And why is it, as the royal bird comes in all golden-brown to the table, that appetites are so much lustier? Why are the eyes of the grown-ups and children all so much bigger than the stomachs?

There my be many answers to these questions, but the truth is that the magic is to be found in ourselves. One of our blessings is that we have within us the imagination and the happy will to recreate the harvest time holiday, year by year.

On this day it is our privilege to be thankful for a thousand other meals served each year to every man, woman, and child in the Land. Probably they are all just as important, lacking only the turkey’s gift for drama.

One hundred and thirty BILLION meals a year for Americans! Think of the fabulous stores of food, the careful handling, the countless miles of hauling! Food is humanity’s greatest need-our first thought on Thanksgiving Day. Let us be grateful for America’s great system of food production and distribution. Let us extend a kind thought this year to our own local sources of supply – the grocer, the meat market man, and the milk man, who day after day keep our larders stocked with food, garnished with the service we like!

From farm to factory, to the neighborhood store, to the family kitchen door – food travels economically in International Trucks. When you need a truck, try out an International. You will find your exact need here. Our company-owned branches and dealers are always at your service.


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  1. Dave says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Eric and to the rest of the Daily Diesel Dose followers out there!


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