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Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in December of 2011, I ran a post with some photos of what I thought was a heavy equipment bone yard comprised mainly of CAT dozers and Euclid scrapers. For as long as I could remember the equipment had sat parked in orderly rows. They never appeared to move I would always wonder what the deal was as I passed by. Were these fine machines destined to just rust away? I could only wonder. Finally after all these years an answer has arrived. The short version, the machines are cared for and actually still run. In fact, they last worked as of 2007. I love it. To read the old post with all the updated information click here.

The man who contributed the information has his own collection of Euclids and other “vintage” equipment. He has a great video on Youtube of his 1965 Euclid C 6-5 dozer that I recommend you watch. Once this beast starts up there is no mistaking what power plant is in use.

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  1. Jeff King says:

    Sweet ride. Hey I have a place where you can put that Euclid to use, I have to clear some acres!

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