International HX520

The collection is now complete. The new International HX520 was unveiled yesterday at the Truck World show in Toronto. You may recall that three other versions of the HX were released during the spectacle known as World Of Concrete. The HX520 features a set-forward axle configuration and is powered by a Cummins ISX15. With a BBC measurement of 120 inches this truck should prove popular as heavy haul tractor.

International HX520

Par for the course were left with goofy looking computer renditions of the truck. Just use real models! I know the exist. If you disagree take a look at this shot from A real truck looks a thousand times better. Perhaps my eyes deceive me but those look Tackaberry colors? Hmmm. If you have a moment to kill stop by and fool around with the truck configuration tool.

Below, a few shots of the other models that make up the HX line of trucks courtesy of Joe Kelly. Hover your cursor over the photo for model information.

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