Still Working – Mack RL700L

Take a look a this pristine Mack RL700L still working for a living. You could take this truck to any classic truck show and tell people it was a barn queen and they would believe but would probably scoff in disbelief when you told them the real truth. For reasons unknown I took a completely different way home from work one day and came across this find.

As a refresher the RS/RL line of Macks were originally produced in the Hayward, California plant for the western market. As such they tended to use lighter components than their heavier Pennsylvanian produced brothers. The S in the nameplate indicates a steel frame while the L indicates an aluminum frame. Also of obvious notice is the longer western style hood. These trucks are generally considered the precursor to the Superliner.

As far as the true vintage that information remains unknown but a reliable sources does tell us the bulldog is gold indicating an all Mack powertrain beneath the sheet metal. 

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