Crane Carrier Company

Hey, did you know the Crane Carrier Company is still building trucks? It’s easy to think the CCC name faded away with the glory days of the trucking industry. So many great specialty nameplates like Hayes, FWD, and Marmom are just a few that are no loner with us. But don’t go adding CCC to the list yet. The company is still very active making custom chassis for the refuse, construction, and oil exploration industries. Here we see one sporting a log loader. Most likely this truck didn’t start out with the loader but did come with a factory 6×6 drivetrain so the smart money bet is a on a cement truck for a past job.

And yes, this is not current photo but I’m trying to get back on the horse here with providing daily posts again. I have to live up to the name I’ve created after all.

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  1. Jason C says:

    If anyone is into building models, there is a kit for the CCC half cab available.

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