The Ram Long-Hauler

Ford has the King Ranch. GM has the Sierra HD Denali. Now Ram has the Long-Hauler. The luxury pickup truck market just expanded by 9,3000lbs. So how does this new Ram concept live up to it’s clever moniker? To start, the Long-Hauler can be had with three separate fuel tanks for total capacity of 170 gallons of diesel, that’s semi truck territory. The 6.7 liter Cummins turbo diesel mated to a 6 speed automatic will put those extra gallons to good use. Alcoa wheels of the 19″ variety can be found up front and on the rear dual wheels. This Ram comes equipped with the MegaCab and an 8 Foot bed complete with backup camera. Of course, Wi-Fi, DVD and electrical outlets are now standard.  Now all you need is one big trailer and plenty of stuff to haul coast to coast.

Source: Chrysler

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  1. Wife says:

    Let’s buy one hot stuff. We can hit the road and never return.

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