Town of Little Falls Highway Department

The first highway department visited during the great plow hunt of 2016 was the Town of Little Falls, NY. We were welcomed with open arms and provided a grand tour of all the great pieces of equipment in the snow fighting arsenal. ¬†We had been told one of their trucks was a Mack RM with V-plow. In this day and age of shrinking budgets and aging trucks this style rig is often sent to the auction lot. Thankfully we arrived in time and found the truck safely in one of the rear bays. With the lack of snow last season the truck wasn’t in a condition to be pulled out for a better shot on short notice but still was able to put out a good photo.

Mack RM with V-Plow

Out near the salt barn was a lean-to full of wings and other plow parts including this Walter. Another victim of declining snow fall and spare parts availability this old rig hasn’t seen the open road in a few years.

Walter Snowfighter

It’s certainly is doing much better than this one out by the sand pile.

Junk Snow Plow

Back to the main garage we come across the front line fleet, a 2007 Mack Granite with an Marmon Herrington AWD system installed by Mack at their custom truck center in Allentown, PA and a later model International 2574 also with M-H drive train.

Little Falls Highway Department

Both trucks spend most of the off season around the garage as they are plenty of heavy even without their blades. This type of situation explains the rise in popularity of year round tandem trucks. It simply costs too much many to have these trucks only be usable, at best, six months out of the year.

A few other goodies in the gallery below including an International Hough Payloader.

And of course, video.

Thanks to the great folks at the Little Falls Highway Department for rolling out the red carpet!

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2 Responses to Town of Little Falls Highway Department

  1. Jeff says:

    Are they switch there fleet color’s to orange? or did they buy the mack’s used?

    • Eric says:

      Fleet colors are still yellow, for some reason the Macks came in orange. The AWD unit was purchased brand new. The just received a new Workstar in yellow.

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