Tuesdays with Walter

I like to provide as much info as I can when I spy old trucks either still working or rusting away in the weeds. There are times when I know exactly what the make and model is while other times I just have to make an educated guess. Most of the time my guesses are never confirmed but once in a while the truth comes out. Back in March of 2012 I stopped to check out a pair of Walter Snow Fighters left to rust behind the Town of Camilus Highway Department. I wasn’t sure of the age or exact model so I took a guess and went with the 70’s. Turns out I was off by a few years. Yesterday while doing my weekly check of listings on Auctions International I was greeted by a pair of familiar faces. Right now both trucks are selling for a whopping 25.00 dollars each.  They are listed as being in poor condition, non starting, for parts only. On the bright side the the registration is transferable! Click on the link above to see the official report or browse my photos below.

1964 Walter ACRS power by a 8 cylinder Cummins.


1964 Walter AWUS powered by a 8 cylinder Cummins



The ’64 ACRS sold for $2,300 while the 66 AWUS sold for $2,350. Both trucks went to seperate buyers. I wonder if they avoided the scraper?

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