Your Trucks – The Moroz Fleet

I received some photos today of three really great looking dump trucks owned by Michael Moroz that I would like to share with you. They are really sharp looking rigs that could pass for brand new to the untrained eye.

Take a look at this 1990 Mack RD690S. Classic dump truck material.

If you like that more rugged look that only spoke wheels can provide I have a very nice 1987 RD686SX for your viewing pleasure.

Both trucks still run the roads to this very day thanks to the efforts of Michael. Now I know some of you are wondering where the third truck is. Don’t worry, I still have enough fingers left to count to three but I won’t reveal the third until this Monday (hint hint).

Do you have a truck you would like to share with the rest of the Daily Diesel Dose community? It can be your own rig or one you drive every day. Working or not working. Awaiting restoration or restored. Even trucks that you once drove or owned would be great! If you feel like sharing drop me a line at

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