The Real Stars of Hollywood

Many consider the Golden Age of Hollywood to have taken place near the end of the silent era of films and continuing through to the early 1960’s. During this period of time some of the greatest actors and movies of all times graced the silver screen. When thinking about trucking films the golden age unquestionably took place in the 1970’s with an explosion of movies and television series. No doubt everyone is familiar with the truck used by the Snowman to carry a load of Coors across state lines. And who hasn’t looked in their rearview mirror to find nothing but truck bumper and immediately thought of Dennis Weaver being chased by a demonic Peterbilt. This past summer at the annual Southern Classic Truck show five of the most iconic trucks of yesterday came together to awe truck lovers of all ages.

Former American Trucker star Robb Mariani was on hand to document this historic occasion.

Did your top five make the cut?

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