2015 ATCA Northeastern PA

Let us start the coverage of the ATCA Endless Mountains chapter truck show with a photo from the end. There are hundreds of reasons to stay at the show all day and take in the events including the slow truck race, the numerous raffles, the good company. Eventually the fun does end and everyone must leave. As it happens most people leave at the same time. Convoy!

Mack Superliner

This year happened to be the 25th Anniversary show with many trucks from the past returning to help commemorate the day. One such truck was this 1928 Maccar model 66. I had never heard of a Maccar prior to this show I’m willing to bet this name plate will be new to a few of you as well.


Here is an ’67 International Scout with a diesel. Now, I’m now expert on Scouts but it was always my understanding that a diesel power plant was not available until the mid 70’s but yet this little SUV audibly had that diesel clatter. Custom job? Super rare factory modification? Who can say.

International Scout Diesel

The first of many videos to come along with more photos.

Round 1 of photos.

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  1. Mike says:

    I was a Scout owner, here in Rustachusetts, until in mid-90’s (before that, a Willys Jeep pickup guy, but I digress). My first was a 1980 Scout Traveller Nissan 633T, purchased while i lived in SoCal in the 80’s. With just a 4-speed, 55 mph felt good, 60mph was the limit, anything more was wishful thinking. But it pushed loaded dumpsters around (creating sidestreet parking at BPD HQ, pulled cars from snowy
    ditches and scared the living crap out of Boston commuters. Mechanic’s comment, after clutch job: “that’s not a truck, that things a piece of farm machinery!’ Indeed.
    Second was a kinda crusty 76 Scout II with a non-turbo 633T, and a non-factory 727 LoadFlite auto. It’s crustiness stemmed mainly for it’s parking area: Martha’s Vineyard airport. It was the personal ride/plow of a big metro Boston general contractor, both off and on high season.
    Sadly, the Rust Fairy claimed both, and were low-bedded away as parts rigs.

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