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Well, it’s been nearly a week since the Palmyra Municipal auction and I’m just now getting around to the plow photos. Wow. I’m losing it. This year there was a nice mix of like new and late model trucks. As usual there were a few older gems mixed in with the high money trucks. The one thing I learned from this auction is the more you think you know the more you realize you don’t know much at all. For example, the two Macks below. On the left, a 1991 Mack RD690P from the Village of Clifton Springs with Mack 300 and Fuller 13 speed. To the right,  a Mack RM688AX with 4×4, locking diffs, Mack 300, Fuller 15 speed, AirFlo Sander, front plow and wing, Town of Newfield. Lot’s of iron. Final selling price? $5,000 for the RD and $1,000 for the RM. WOW! To be honest, the RM needed a lot of work but a grand? Scrap prices are creeping back…just saying.

Mack Snow Plows

Way over on the other side of the scale we have this 2008 WorkStar from the Town of Geneva. This truck appeared to be brand new with no visible rust or wear present on truck, blades or bed. Tenco equipment all around with a Maxxforce NT (insert joke here) and Allison setting the mechanical stage. Final price, $63,000.

International WorkStar

When I saw this truck I thougt I had fallen through a wormhole and traveled back to 2014. The Town of Pompey, NY was again selling another double winger Autocar. While not spec’d as heavy as the previously released A-Car this truck was in fantastic shape with a Cat 3406 and a Fuller 8LL transmission and locking rears. Final price, $20,000. Now the real question, what truck replaced this unit? I guess I have fallen behind on my Tracey Road Equipment creeping.

Autocar Snow Plow

So many trucks. So little time. Even less money. If you would like to check the prices, stats or history on any of the truck see below click here to visit the RTI website. Scroll down for the proper listing.

For those craving moving pictures I made a walk through video of the auction lineup. Check back soon for coverage of the heavy equipment. There were more than a few cool lots like Cat dozers with pony motors and Austin Western graders.

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