Lost and Found – Diamond Reo and Mack

A Mack and Diamond Reo in the same photo? Talk about a power couple. The two trucks belong hang out at Action Topsoil in Minoa, NY. I haven’t seen the Diamond Reo on the road in a few years so I don’t believe it is in active use anymore. Same story with the Mack. Believe it or not there was another Reo hiding else where on the property but it was too obscured by weeds for a decent photo.


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While on I’m the topic of trucks in the weeds what about this ex Schneider National International? Looks like someone was paying attention to the GPS and not the road. This truck also resides at Action Topsoil.


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And for my local visitors this truck might be a familiar sight from years ago, a Niagara Mohawk Ford dump truck. I remember when they were a dime a dozen.


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Know of any old trucks or heavy equipment in hiding?  Email Me!

*UPDATE May 2015* The Mack is a 1983 model with 143,000 original miles. Engine is a Mack 285HP unit with 6+1 transmission. 18K front axle, 44k rear with 20K float. Was once part of a 40 truck fleet according to seller who is asking a firm 9500. Craigslist ad here.

The Diamond Reo is a 1986 with a 20k front end, 46k rears, and a 8LL. Asking price 10,500. Click here for Craigslist ad.

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One Response to Lost and Found – Diamond Reo and Mack

  1. Joe says:

    Cool shots Eric. About 20 years earlier, I also took some pictures at Action Topsoil! Back then it was two ex-municipal trucks- a Brockway and an Oshkosh. I’ll post them over at Flickr one of these days and you can share them here if you like.

    I wonder if that Diamond Reo is an ex-T.H. Kinsella unit? Check out my recent post of the Town of Georgetown White-GMC with the Kinsella truck in the background and you’ll see what I mean.

    Take care, Joe

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