National Grid Truck Bingo

I have something of a game when it comes to spotting National Grid trucks on the road. While most of the fleet is your average run of the mill Freightliner bucket truck there are few specialized vehicles in the mix. I always keep my eyes peeled for that “odd ball” unit in the quest to fill my bingo board. The truck below isn’t a new catch for me but that Altec cable spooler on the back is so I guess this is a 50/50 catch. As a matter of fact this Freightliner first hit DDD when I spotted it hauling a John Deere backhoe on a tag trailer.


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A second truck that didn’t help complete my board but was cool none the less is this Freightliner M2 in action. Interesting bend in that arm.


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More National Grid Truck Action

National Grid Freightliner M2 Variety Pack

National Grid Freightliner M2 112 6×6 Buck Truck

National Grid Freightliner M2 112 CNG Dump Truck

National Grid Cable Handler and Flatbed Truck

National Grid Bucket Truck

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