Lost and Found – Walter

Usually when you find one rusty truck there is another one lurking nearby.

Last week we saw an early 50’s Autocar rusting near the side of RT 5 in St. Johnsville, NY. Not far away was this Walter Snowfighter of unknown vintage. Formerly from the Town of Mohawk this truck gone over the hill of good days. If it had a rear view mirror it would see them quickly fading away over the horizon. As any good Walter should be it was at one time setup for dual wings and had the requisite steel box out back designed to carry heavy ballast for traction. Over the years the sheet metal has rusted away through natural and man made forces. At least someone tried to spare the engine with a tarp.

This shot comes to us courtesy of my dad who was also the photographer of the Autocar.

If the Town of Mohawk isn’t ringing any bells check out this post. And definitely check out this one.

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