Town of Mohawk

Next stop on our world class snow plow tour..Town of Mohawk, NY! You may remember the first rig from the Town of Mohawk that graced the digital pages of Daily Diesel Dose, an insane 6×6 Western Star 4800. As it turns out that Western Star keeps some good company in the form of two equally impressive International PayStars.

International Paystar5000

Not sure which color I like better, the green or the yellow. Tomorrow, a brief break in the tour schedule before we’re back at it with some heavy duty Mack action.

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2 Responses to Town of Mohawk

  1. Mike Bartlett says:

    I know Mohawk still had a Walter a couple years ago. Do they still have it?

    • Eric says:

      Yes they do Mike. Ryan says it is mint condition and packed behind a bunch of mowers. They don’t plow with it and only bring it out for parades and such.

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