Autocar Mondays – Unconfirmed Reports

Browsing through an Autocar group on Facebook last week I came across this early 50’s Autocar that according to the original poster was located just outside of Little Falls, NY. I inquired about the exact location but never heard back so a good old fashioned truck hunt was on. Usually I just would have let this one go but in just a few days I would be passing through the area while on way to the ATHS Hudson Mohawk show in Ballston Spa. I got off RT 5 in Little Falls and headed east. And then I headed east some more. And then I headed east even more. Eventually I gave up as I was no longer in Little Falls or even the same county! I turned around and went home.

After driving 15 miles it turns out I was less than a 1/4 of mile from truck all along! If only I had gone over that last hill and around that last turn. Thankfully my dad had passed through the area earlier while returning from the show and took a photo. I suppose what they say is true. Trying is the first step to failure. 😉

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