Pit Fenders

Pit fenders, you don’t seem them around much on new rigs, if at all. Kenworth still offers them on their C500 line but I can’t think of many other trucks that come with them from the factory. Lightweight and aerodynamic front clips have killed the OEM pit fender. Looking at this setup I am reminded of this photo from Joe Kelly. Back in the early 90’s the Madison County Highway Department shipped a few Volvos and Internationals off to Specialty Trucks Inc for the installation of steel butterfly hoods and fenders. Could it be that the truck seen below is a former MCHD rig? It sure looks an awful lot like this one recently sold at action.

Pit Fenders

I first saw this ugly duckling at Tracey Road Equipment back in the summer of 2014. I never got around to posting a photo of it but now seems like a good time. Can you spot all the changes?

International S-Series


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3 Responses to Pit Fenders

  1. Casey winn says:

    Madison county never had a single axle with the set up,all tandems.Truck #17&43 in morrisville which were s- models.and 25&29 which were Volvos.Wampsville had 4 also,#24&74 were IH,and 22 & one other Volvos

  2. Joe says:

    I would agree that this is not an ex-Madison County rig. Although, not a lot of photos seem to circulate of these Special Trucks, Inc. modified Internationals, there were other municipalities that did own them. I know Erie County had some and there was a township out near Rochester that ran them as well.

  3. Hayes says:

    Kenosha County has some big Mack’s with pit fenders. I’ll try to get you a photo.

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