Tow Plowing and Snow Blowing

Ever take a look at the inside of plow truck? Let’s put it this way, if you enjoy levers and switches you will be right at home. To begin you have all the normal heavy duty truck controls. Stuff like the shifter, air brake controls, dump box etc. Then you probably have a set of controls just for the sander. Most likely it is full of buttons and dials to regulate the flow of sand or salt. Last but not least you have the levers for the plow, maybe ten or more depending on the setup. Now take a moment to imagine coordinating all of these controls while driving the truck…in traffic…during a blizzard. Not enough for you? Okay, how about pulling a trailer at a 45 degree angle behind the truck? Welcome to the world of tow plowing. It may look like a trailer jackĀ knifingĀ behind a plow truck but it’s actually a highly controlled process. Tow plowing is a quick and economical way to clear two lanes of traffic with just one truck and one driver. Gotta save those government pennies whenever possible. I can only imagine that this setup introduces a whole new set of levers and switches to the cab. Better keep those mirrors clean!

And here is the old fashioned way to move tons of snow, throw it.

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2 Responses to Tow Plowing and Snow Blowing

  1. Rob Glenn says:

    10 sticks?? What if….. one operator could really have one “joy” stick for the front plow up/down motion and a second similiar “joy” stick controller to steer the TowPLow out/in and up/down, clearing 24′ wide and then in less than 2 seconds or less, pull back on both sticks and everything is up and in!! It is about time to try and make it easier for operators to perform without 10 sticks for hydraulics in the cab. Welcome to what is happening on the farm to highway snowplowing. We do not use 4 row planters anymore.. MoFarmBoy.

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