100 Years of Brockway Trucks

1912-2012, 100 years of Brockway Trucks. The factory may be long closed, having birthed the final run of trucks over three decades ago but yet the memory still remains.  The seeking eye can still find Huskies running the roads of the Northeast.  For the past 13 years the devoted have gathered in Cortland, NY to celebrate what was and still is the toughest name in trucks, Brockway. To commemorate the day I am reaching far back into my archive of trucks to bring you this 761 model that was owned by the Town of Lenox, NY. I don’t know what happened to this truck, it disappeared shortly after I shot this photo. I know the International Fleetstar that was the 761’s stablemate wound up down the road at a local potato farm but the Brockway essentially disappeared.

Brockway 761 - Click to Enlarge

Possible coverage of the 2012 show to come later this week!

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  2. Joe says:

    Nice shot Eric.

    I thought you might be interested to know that this truck was originally a single axle when new. The conversion to a tandem occurred in early 1994. The tandem rears, frame and dump box were pulled from a 1972 GMC JE9710 gas job that was formally Madison County Highway Department’s unit number 42 out of their Wampsville division. The GMC was taken out of service in the Spring of 1993.

    By the way, the International in the background is also a former Madison County truck (old number 6 out of the Wampsville division). It is a 1973 Fleetstar 2110A with a VS-549 mated to 5 + 4 transmissions. This truck was sold to Lenox in the fall of 1998. The Town of Lenox re-powered this truck with a CAT 3208 later I believe. By the way, the hood on this truck was actually from a 1974 Fleestar 2010A Construction model the County parted out in 1991 (old number 70).

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