1964 Ford N-700 4×4

Jim sent me this great photo the other day of 1964 Ford N-700 4×4 once operated by Oneida County Rural Telephone Company. In his own words.

This is a picture of my uncle Peter McCarthy-Vice President of Oneida County Rural Telephone Company (and later Northland Communications) in Holland Patent, NY (on the left) and Ed Blask-Salesman with Dahl Motors of Utica, NY. The truck was a 1964 Ford N-700 4×4 custom built auger truck used to set telephone poles. Peter was a great guy who recently passed away in September 2015. Ed Blask owned Ed Blask Ford in Yorkville for many years.

1964 Ford F-700 4x4 Auger Truck

This is a great photo for so many reasons. Thank you for sharing Jim! For those interested click here or here to see Northland trucks in their current incarnation.

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3 Responses to 1964 Ford N-700 4×4

  1. Mark Bickelhaupt says:

    I believe that it is Fabco four wheel drive conversion. It looks like other utilities trucks of the time, New York Telephone & Niagara Mohawk. O for a simpler time when trucks had a distinct style and tough look.

  2. It was a pretty rugged truck. If my memory serves me right it had a 5 speed with a 2 speed rear end. Years later they had it reconfigured with a much larger boom and auger system and hydraulic rear outriggers which could handle much larger poles.

  3. Sharon Blask-Dreyer says:

    My nephew just emailed me this link. My father is going to love this!
    The McCarthy family were great customers and friends of my dad’s for years.

    Pete was a great guy. Thank you for posting this.

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