1972 Peterbilt 351

It’s not hard to imagine that if this truck pulled up behind you on a country road you might begin to have flashbacks of the movie Duel in which Dennis Weaver is chased through the countryside by a maniac trucker. After all, the 351 seen here is the same model used (along with a 281) in that now classic movie. The movie truck happened to be a 1955 model while this truck is from 1972. While there are more than a few differences between the two trucks, with the most striking being the square style fenders and quad headlights, the vibe is there.

Matt happened across this truck near Cato, NY and new right away he had to stop for a photo. The last I knew, this truck belonged to the Henderson family, and to the best of my knowledge still does. They have a few other nice trucks in the fleet including this 1949 Autocar DC100.

Nice find Matt. It won’t be much longer to these trucks are back on the road and heading to shows.

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