2011 Truck Sales Boom

2011 was a great year to be a truck manufacturer. The industry as a whole saw a nearly 60% increase in sales over the prior year. Although each OEM was able to move more units Volvo and Peterbilt were the percentages winners with increases of 108% and 89% respectively. For the full breakdown check the story at FleetOwner.com by clicking here.

New Mack's waiting for their new owner - Click to Enlarge

Following on the heals of the good news above one manufacturer was dealt a potential dangerous regulatory blow. Yesterday it was announced that Navistar’s lawsuit to force an EPA recall of 2010 diesel engines using selective catalytic reduction (SCR) was dismissed from a U.S. district court. Navistar is the only company that does not use SCR as emission reduction and control device instead using exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). To make matters worse the the company is running out of engine credits that allow it to sell non compliant engines. Credits for California sales are expected to be depleted by the end of next month. Navistar stock piled credits back when their engines exceed Federal standards. Company officials announced they are close to unveiling a new EGR based engine that will meet all current EPA standards.

To read the Courthousenews.com story relating to the failed EPA lawsuit click here.

To read the WSJ story about engines credits click here.

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