2013 New Year’s Resolution

The year is almost over so that can only mean one thing…RESOLUTIONS! For 2013 the resolution of this website will be to catch more plow trucks in action. That’s right, the trucks of the new year will be wearing their blades and plowing snow. Don’t worry, I have no intention of giving up on the low hanging fruit of the local truck dealers and repair shops.

To prove my commitment I’m not even going to wait till 2013 to start. Below are some trucks operated by the City of Syracuse DPW. The first truck in the gallery is setup to handle some serious snow with Marmon-Herrington drivetrain components. Truck number 2 is a hard looking International Paystar that was actively cutting back the snow banks when photographed. Finally, the last truck in the gallery was seen at the local Price Chopper as the driver stocked up on necessities for a long shift.

And of course there is video!


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