Lost and Found – Old Tow Trucks

These two old tow trucks stand guard to the gates of Dobbins Auto Parts in Adams, NY. I’ve seen a few photos of the treasures that lie within and I have to say they are nothing short of impressive for the old car and truck obsessed. Even though I stopped by during the middle of a weekday they appeared to be closed. Just as well seeing as I was on my way back to work but I have heard they are actively crushing much of their collection so a return trip is on the bucket list. Can you identify the truck at the forefront of the photo? Chevy?

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To see a great collection of photos from Dobbins check out the Facebook group IN THE WEEDS.

Know of any old trucks or heavy equipment in hiding?  Email Me!

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5 Responses to Lost and Found – Old Tow Trucks

  1. Frank McMullen says:

    Truck in foreground is a ’39 or ’40 Chevrolet.

    Truck in background is a ’48- ’53 GMC, possibly a Diesel.

  2. Andy says:

    I was looking at Alex Lyons & Sons Auction site, and saw a photo of the GMC tow truck pictured here… must be this guy is all done and is selling everything off…



    • Eric says:

      You are correct. He has quite the collection of old trucks and cars. Almost everything is going to the auction or the scrap man this May. I have heard he is keeping his Brockway wrecker.

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