2016 ATCA National Meet Part II

GM Heavy trucks are alive and well! Can you believe this shot? A Chevy Titan and Bison in the same frame. From the same company! Wow. The 80’s are back. In fact, if my heat soaked brain from the day remembers clearly, there were no less three Bisons at the show with each one just as nice as the previous truck. One even had a transplanted Detroit Series 60 for more efficient¬†cruising. Now I wish I had taken more photos.

GMC Heavy Trucks

Mack trucks and and Macungie go hand in hand. There were so many Superliners on the show grounds either as display trucks or transport rigs. Some were doing double duty.

Mack Superliner

I love the odd ball vehicles that have to be one of the last of their kind. I can safely say I have never seen a White Horse delivery van before…unless it was at last years show and I simply forgot. Where do find parts for this!?

White Horse Truck

Speaking of Whites, the 3000 line of trucks has always been one of my personal favorites. Check out this rat rod inspired setup. Complete with custom frame from front to back. I wanted to get a better shot of this truck but it attracted people like flames attract moths.

White 3000 rat rod

And so much more!

The past couple of years of this show I’ve felt like I’ve been chasing the sun with trying arrive early enough to see a decent number of trucks arrive. Ultimately I’ve failed more often than succeed but this year I had a diesel revelation. Arrive later and wait until the show ends and watch as the trucks leave. It’s the same thing but only in reverse! Plus the sun is in better spot for videos and photos. Tomorrow well start to see the¬†future face of coverage of this event.

Before we go, a massive Detroit powered Kenworth W900.

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