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2016 ATCA National Meet Part II

GM Heavy trucks are alive and well! Can you believe this shot? A Chevy Titan and Bison in the same frame. From the same company! Wow. The 80’s are back. In fact, if my heat soaked brain from the day … Continue reading

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Refuse Truck History

I dabble with refuse truck photos once and while around here but I’m far from an expert when it comes to the history of the industry and the equipment. That is where Zachary at Refuse Truck Photography comes in. I’m … Continue reading

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White Motor Company

So the other day I went gaga because I saw a Diamond Reo Trend. Take a guess what I saw today? A White Trend! Will wonders ever cease. This one didn’t have a camper but a stake bed and was … Continue reading

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White 3000 – Game Over

Sad news to report today. The White 3000 asphalt tanker that was the first Lost and Found feature on this website is no more…or soon will be no more. Despite hiding behind a hill of scrub brush and road tailings … Continue reading

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Lost and Found – White 3000 Asphalt Tanker

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