2016 ATCA Northeastern PA

Another fantastic ATCA classic truck has come and gone from the Harford, PA fairgrounds. With a near record number of trucks and spectators on hand there was plenty to do and see, and in the case of old trucks, hear.

Mack Cruiseliner

When I see the Harford show on the calendar I never have to question if I should attend, even if the weather will be less than perfect. It’s a given that you will leave this show feeling satisfied. There is always a healthy mix of regular attendees with crowd favorites along with the truly rare items. This Rehberger is a perfect example of a truck you probably won’t see anywhere else. Basic research indicates less than 600 trucks were built over a twenty year period.

Rehberger Truck

We’ll spend the next couple days reliving all the action with this first group of photos.

This year I tried out a new video spot near the main gate of the show grounds. All the trucks enter here and while they might not be running wide open like the do in previous video locations I think the action turned out rather well especially once the sun started to move behind my shoulder. I probably shot more video here than in any other year which is a good thing…but also bad…considering I still have footage from last years show that has yet to see the light of day!

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