Lost and Found – Trojan Loader

Today we have a slightly different Lost and Found as it has to do with not a truck but a front end loader.  It’s doubtful that this loader will ever see the job site again as the motor is missing and the bucket is full of miscellaneous parts.  But, if you don’t pay attention to the missing engine this old unit appears pretty solid.  Trojan loaders were just one of the many products manufactured in Upstate and Western New York that have since faded into history.  It’s possible that this very one was manufactured in the Batavia plant.

Trojan Wheel Loader - Click to Enlarge

Trojan Wheel Loader - Click to Enlarge

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Know of any old trucks or heavy equipment in hiding?  Email Me!

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24 Responses to Lost and Found – Trojan Loader

  1. Dan says:

    Looks pretty clean considering its age!

    • Eric says:

      Agree. It has been sitting behind the dealer for a few years now. Make an offer and it could be yours. 😉

      • Dan says:

        haha I’m still saving up for an oshkosh on auctions direct! Hey, I will be in your territory this week, I’m working up north of Syracuse all week. Any suggestions for plows in Oswego/fulton area?

        • Eric says:

          I drove by the City of Oswego barn once and it was huge, tons of old iron moving about. Looked like it was an old factory. Of course, this was years ago but I’m sure there is good stuff still around. It’s not like Oswego can afford to replace anything.

      • Art says:

        What year is it and model ?

      • forest boucher says:

        who owns the machine? i’ m real interested it, I could you the whole front end or whole machine.

  2. BILL HAMILTON says:

    It just so happens…that I know a “whole-lot” about these machines!!!! For you see….I literally “grew-up” with them!!!!! My Dad…worked for Trojan, for 15 years, 1963 to 75, and was a “field” service manager. He was later promoted to…Product Development Manager. Believe me…”NO ONE” at the Batavia,N.Y. plant….knew these machines….and how to keep ’em running….better than he did!!!!! We actually lived in Batavia, from 1963 to 68. I was driving these machines around the yard at the plant,when I was 12 years old!!!!! There was the 1500,1700,1900,2000,2500,3000,4000,6000,7500,and the 8000. There was also the T-80, an 8000 converted to a “tow-tractor” to pull the AIR-FORCE, C-5 GALAXY cargo-plane, but it lost out to…OSHKOSH. Also…the experimental…6000-“TURBINE”…yes a gas-turbine powered front-end loader….that in my DAD’S own words…..”Couldn’t push a sick-whore off a piss-pot”. Seeing these machines again…bring back many fond memories for me. Hard to believe…that the same plant in Batavia….now produces “wicker furniture!!!!” I guess…”nothing lasts forever”. One thing I can tell ya….in their day….these machines gave Caterpillar….”A RUN FOR THEIR MONEY!!!!!” Bill Hamilton, Tucson, Az.

    • Eric says:

      Thanks for the info Bill! I wonder what ever happened to those gas turbine units.

    • Bill Ettinger says:

      Bill, I to use to work for Trojan from June 1974 till August 1990. I bet your dad’s name is Don. I worked in the R and D lab. My boss was Bob Moore and he used to work for your dad. Thanks, Bill Ettinger

  3. BILL HAMILTON says:

    Hi Eric, with regard to the…TROJAN model 6000-“TURBINE”…..I can tell ya that the….”FIRE-BREATHING-DRAGON”, as it was nick-named….never made it out the experimental lab at Batavia. Truth be told….it was a….”engineering nightmare” from the start. The engine, a revolutionary design by the Ford Motor Company….was a gas-turbine configuration. Designed primarily for stationary generator use….it couldn’t stand -up to the constant pounding and jarring, associated with a front-end loader, and was “prone ” to failure!!!! My DAD told me…. that the each engine,was brought in by Ford, in special “covered trucks” at night!!!! Once installed in the 6000, they couldn’t run it inside on the test-stand, because it one time…..”set the lab roof on fire”, from the exhaust!!!!! Hell, every time they took it to the near-by gravel pit to test it under load conditions….it had to be “towed-back” to the lab, due to “ENGINE-FAILURE!!!!!” When a technician from FORD….asked my DAD about the performance of the “TURBINE” under load conditions….he responded with his….”FAMOUS-PHRASE”….”That Goddamn thing couldn’t push a sick-whore off a piss-pot!!!!!” Forgive me, but that’s a direct-quote. The sales manager at the time, George Bassinett, was ready to put this machine out on the market,at a price of I believe, $180,000 dollars. The problem Eric, was that the engine alone….cost, are you ready? $475,000 dollars!!!!!! Now, ask yourself……who in their right mind….is gonna pay $500,000 dollars, for a turbine powered loader, when they can buy a CAT, 966, or 988….for a hell of a lot less???? To sum it up….the “ill-fated” TROJAN 6000 “TURBINE”, was a “failure”, from the start!!!!! Bill Hamilton, Tucson, Az.

    • Bob Sprague says:

      Bill, if I send you pictures of a Trojan Yale, can you identify it for me and help me get a manual and repairs done? Its the one that looks like eye brows over the lights, small unit with 2 yard bucket, no doors, sliding window to climb in and out

  4. BILL HAMILTON says:

    By the way Eric…..It was “my-pleasure” to share my memories of Trojan loaders with ya!!!!! They were well-built machines….ready to take-on CAT, and just about anything you could throw at ’em!!!!!! My fondest memory….is the day we “PARADED” all 14 machines, down Main Street in Batavia, out to the Holiday Inn….for a big sales and promotional show. Talk about a “once in a lifetime” sight….you would have loved it!!!!! 14 machines, from the LM75….to the 6000….in single-file, driven by all the “secretaries” wearing mini-skirts, black panty hose, and….white “thigh-high boots!!!!” Needless to say….”IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!” Batavia….hasn’t been the same since!!!! If ya get the chance to get up-close to that machine…or find another Trojan, there’s a good-chance that my DAD’S fingerprints, are “all over it!!!!” And…..if ya look really-close….you might even find some of mine too!!!!! “All The Best”……..Bill Hamilton, Tucson, Az.

    • Jfog says:

      Hey bill…if I forwarded a picture to u could you by any chance tell me a estimate on the year and model. Thanks Jfog

  5. Herb T says:

    Is it easy to find parts for these loaders anymore?
    Why did they become discontinued anyway?


    • Eric says:

      I’m not sure on finding the parts but Trojan was a victim of the global economy. I believe the company was purchased by a O&K (German Firm) who eventually closed the company.

  6. terry schmidt says:

    I am looking for a bucket for an old 2000 similar to the one featured in the lost and found. let me know if something is availible. Thanks Terry

  7. lester vogus says:

    what can you tell me about the trojan road tool tractor loader la40 need wheel cylinders for brakes 1 3/8 bore any help

  8. lester vogus says:

    I have an old la 40. Trojan loader or road tool I will sell for right price it runs 4 cylinder flat head Hercules engine ph. 814-678-3846 in pa.

  9. forest boucher says:

    looking for parts for 1980 2000c Trojan wheel hub parts right front spider planetary and other parts

  10. ed says:

    have parts for the machine leave number and name

  11. ed says:

    2000 model parts machine call 607 334-6555

  12. bryan meade says:

    need cable for tilt cylinders on 1984 Trojan 3000c

  13. Chris Colo says:

    I have a Trojan 134A loader with the 1967 UD-282 diesel engine. Looking for new fuel filters and lid seals for the (2) fuel filter canisters. Any input would would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Chris Colo
    Athol, MA
    (978) 815-7830 – cell
    (978) 249-6474 – work

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