Classic Bulldozers – CAT D9 and International Harvester TD24

It was a real treat to see these old dozers in action at the HCEA national meet this past weekend. They appeared to be the most popular form of equipment brought to the show with a variety of sizes and types represented. I spent a fair amount of time watching this Cat D9 dozer dig a trench and then smooth it over. It was great to hear the engine lugging away as the blade encountered a mound of earth.

Elsewhere on the grounds this massive International Harvester TD-24 dozer was busy spreading gravel on the new parking lot road being made by HECA members. Sadly I don’t have to much footage of this great machine but believe me when I tell you it was awesome. At one point in the afternoon I stood only feet away from this marvel as it clawed through the soil with little effort. At one point the tracks begin to spin and it looked as though the TD-24 wouldn’t have the guts to get it done but the operator dug in the blade, bumped up the RPMS and the battle was won.  The ground was shaking, the engine groaning, the stacks smoking. It was a beautiful sight. Eventually the machine crested the large pile of overburden, teetered at the top for a moment and then slid down. By this point a large crowd had gathered and there was much clapping, head nodding and smiles at this display of power.

One other bulldozer of note was this Euclid TC-12. I only saw it operation once during the weekend it was a sight to behold. I was familiar with this machine before the show but really didn’t appreciate the size. The one thing I did I know was that it packed two Detroit Diesel 6-71 engines. One for each track. Looking at the back of the machine you can see right down the middle straight to the blade up front. It really looks as if a two dozers were frankestiend together by insane Euclid engineers. Truth is stranger than fiction because that is exactly the concept behind the TC-12. Despite the two 6-71’s under the hoods this machine didn’t seem all that loud to me. Of course I was surrounded by an army of other equipment clanking away so the effect might have been lost. Still too cool either way. I would have liked to see the truck this Euclid rode in on.

In the gallery below there are a few more shots to enjoy of the machines mentioned above plus a few for the Caterpillar faithful.

Stop back tomorrow for the dump trucks of the event!

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  1. Charles Mills says:

    Have a t 24 1952 d 8 or 9 motor an transmission great shape head refurbished recently for sale make offer

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