2019 ATCA Upper Canada

The ATCA Upper Canada truck show is a great show. But despite all its greatness I usually do a poor job of covering this event. By the time mid August rolls around I’ve already attended numerous shows that have filled up my camera, burned my skin, and tested the patience of my wife. I tend to get lazy and coast on the bounty of the year knowing that at least two or three other big shows are waiting in the wings. Boy o boy have times changed. I feel like that grasshopper that sat around singing all summer while the ants busily prepared for the lean times to come. Good times will never end! But of course they do.

Back in 2019 I deemed this footage unworthy of sharing but through the lens of 2020 it seems inspired, transcendent, and life affirming.

Considering I have any footage all I guess I not completely like the grasshopper. This year the ATCA Upper Canada show is going virtual. Check it out here.


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