A Big Job

You might think the film below is about the construction of the Garrison Dam in North Dakota. You might even think the film is about the power of the machines, like the Siamese twin bulldozer with 20 foot wide blade, that moved millions of yards of material. You are wrong. This film is about the power of preventative maintenance. I’m serious. The entire second half of the film is dedicated to the Swiss watch styled precision of the daily maintenance scheduled setup by the firms of Peter Kiewitt and Morrison Knudsen to manage their massive heavy equipment arsenal. Just wait to you see the giant wall sized spreadsheet with slide ruler.

I think we all know now where Euclid came up with the idea for their twin engine powered bulldozer design. You don’t always have to be first to the party to the best.

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  1. Andy R says:

    This is a favorite of mine… Been watching it since before Youtube on a thing called a VHS tape…

    Here is another good A-C short….


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