A Green Milestone

Freightliner M2 CNG

Yesterday the Freightliner workers at the Mount Holly, NC production facility celebrated a milestone, the production of the  1,000th natural gas powered truck.  The eventual owner of the truck will be Ryder Systems, Inc.  You can tell CNG trucks from their LNG brothers by their tank configurations.  CNG trucks will have a large tank system contained behind the cab while LNG trucks use a standard looking fuel tank. So, what are the advantages of a natural gas powered vehicle? To begin, emissions are much cleaner and engine noise is reduced. But perhaps the most important feature, reducing the the U.S. dependence on foriegn oil. For every 50,000 miles a natural gas truck racks up nearly 500 barrels of oil have been avoided. Consider the fact that most natural gas in the U.S. is domestically produced and you have a very compelling argument for gas. Now if they could only figure out that hydrofracking mess…

Source: Gaston Gazette Image: Freightliner

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