A New International PayStar?

Last week I heard whisperings of an all new International PayStar design being shown to International dealers. This rumor came from the BigMackTrucks.com forum of all places but I see no reason why it shouldn’t be true. International has placed the production and marketing of the PayStar on the back burner during their partnership with Caterpillar regarding the launching of their line of new on highway trucks the CT660 and CT681. Stopping by the International website the PayStar doesn’t even show on the main page but is relegated to the category of “other” models. Clicking on this link brings you to a page with images that don’t accurately reflect the variety of wheel bases and hood styles available for purchase. I suppose if this rumor is true that is all about to change. The new style is supposed to emulate the look of the Caterpillar trucks while most likely borrowing some of the interior styling and mechanical underpinnings that differentiate the two lines of trucks.

Obviously I don’t have any photos of this new model so we’ll have to make due with this place holder in the form of a 6×6 bucket truck of Northline Utilities. This truck is a partner of that Western Star lowboy we saw a few weeks ago.


I can tell you one thing. The new model won’t look like the PayStar5000 of years past and that is a bad thing. This truck just screams heavy duty business. A classic design.

Paystar 5000


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2 Responses to A New International PayStar?

  1. Edwin Woody says:

    I like your truck. I need one like this so I can use it to haul stuff. sell it to me at a cheap price.

  2. Edwin Woody says:

    I would like to buy this truck at a cheap price.

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