An Duplex by Any Other Name

Is than an R-Series International? At first glance that answer would be yes.

But wait. What is this on the other side of the hood? A Duplex emblem!

Now we know that International offered the Comfovision cab to a host of manufacturers over the years including Diamond-T, FWD, and others. But rarely was the sheet metal of an entire truck copied from front to back as it was this model of Duplex. And if that wasn’t enough the Duplex trucks also were referred to as R and L models. This particular truck even uses the International RD501 gas engine. The door tag indicates it’s a K-501 model.

At some point you have to ask the question what makes a Duplex and Duplex. If you have any particular information to share on this model of truck please share with a comment down below.

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