At the Dealer – December 2020

Yes, sometimes I do visit heavy truck dealers that are not Freightliner. Here we have a nice VHD presumably for the Town of Kirkland, NY.

Down the road the local Kenworth dealer was jammed full of new trucks. The tried and true T800 is still a popular seller.

Kenworth claims to have no plans to discontinue the T800 in favor of the T880. We shall see.

Over at the International dealer this sharp looking HV with Tenco gear all around. I saw this truck posted on social media a few weeks ago and thought it was all black but upon closer inspection it just might be a really dark blue. I’m not sure if this truck has a home or a demonstrator for both companies.

Back over at the Western Star dealer I had to snap a shot of the future NYSDOT 4700. If the past is any indication the state will have this truck for at least three decades. Not too long ago they finally surplused an International S1800 setup in a similar configuration.

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3 Responses to At the Dealer – December 2020

  1. Mark Bickelhaupt says:

    Is the NYSDOT going the way of the T-Way with Western Stars? New plows for a new year and decade?

    • Eric says:

      Not that I have heard. I passed through Stadium International in Watertown this fall and there was a very large supply of NYSDOT trucks waiting for the journey to the upfitter.

  2. Jeff Huxley says:

    The VHD presumably for the Town of Kirkland, NY is nice, like to see a snap shot of their entire fleet.

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