At the Dealer – International HX

Earlier this week the local International Trucks dealer, Stadium International, held an coming out party for the new line of HX and LT trucks. Not one to pass up free food and trucks in the same day I happily stopped by to browse the offerings. The nature of the event didn’t lend itself to good photos so we’ll just have to make due with this truck spotted on the lot a week or two before the actual event. Speaking with a few of the staff at the party I learned they are excited about the prospects of these news trucks. It’s been a difficult number of years with the Maxxforce engine debacle and these trucks with SCR, a new interior, and a host of other features represent the chance to win back lost customers. Based on the looks alone I think International will do a little better than gain lost ground.

International HX

While automatic transmissions are certainly the wave of the future this particular HX comes with an old school manual. Peaking through the window I couldn’t tell exactly what type of gearbox was selected but options in this truck can be anything from an Eaton 8LL to an 18 speed.

International HX620

The Bibeau BMT-450 body sits on top of some form of Hendrickson suspension. What do you think? Does International have a competitor here?

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