ATHS Central California Truck Show

The United States is large and diverse country and I’m not talking about people, I’m talking about trucks. It’s no secret that trucks from the left coast have their own unique look. Peterbilt has always reigned supreme in these parts but plenty of other truck manufactures struck their claim with west coast specific models. Below, a needle nose Pete and International RDF “west coaster”. See what I mean?

ATHS Trucks

Ryan shares with us these fantastic photos from the 2016 ATHS Central California chapter truck show. Simply put you won’t find a truck like this back east.

Kenworth Logging Truck

Thanks for the photos Ryan. We look forward to coverage from the national show!

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  1. Steve Simon says:

    Thanks Eric for these great photos from Plymouth CA!!! I came back with about 300 from many angles. Sorting through em.

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