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Dear Faithful Readers of,

This is a post by none other than the moderator’s wife. Dailydieseldose hit it’s 1st birthday in April, yet sadly this is only my second post. It’s sad because I actually love to write. I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back. The reason for my post is I wanted to give a special shout out to the wonderful truck enthusiasts who were so nice to me at the national ATHS show as I promoted our website.

I was welcomed by many fantastic and interesting gentleman as I wandered the hotel and fairgrounds handing out our business cards. They has many comments and I must say my self esteem was quite inflated.

I hope to meet many more of you at future shows.

I’d like to send an exclusive thank you to Marshall from Rhode Island who we met at breakfast on our first day. Marshall owns over 800 collectible model trucks. I considered that quite impressive. Can anyone beat that number?

A second shout out to Don from Sussex, New Jersey who came to the show with his 1987 International Cabover. A third shout to a wonderful Dad from the East Coast who was giving his young soon a fabulous tour of a nearby truck. His son’s eyes were full of delight and it was an¬†opportunity¬†for me to see what my husband was probably like at that age.

Thank you all for reading and your devotion to Dailydieseldose. I hope to say hello again before another year is up.

P.S. I’ve attached a few of my favorite photos from the show.

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