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Crane lovers rejoice. Today is your day.

With the weather finally starting to break I can once again stop by the many construction sites on the west side of the city. One such project is the new Marriot Courtyard in Armory Square. The hotel itself is nearing completion with the majority of the work now occurring on the inside of the building. Just recently construction began on an attached concrete parking garage. That is where I caught this massive SANY crane for Auburn Crane and Rigging.

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The back of this crane has twelve six ton counter weights and one 5.8 ton weight. The crawler chassis also had addition weights attached but it was hard to see their rating without crawling under the machine. All told it has at least 78 tons of weight out back.

I originally stopped by this site early in the morning. At that point the crane was still located within the footprint of the new garage. I had just missed the raising of a wall support but hung around hoping for more action. Eventually I ran out of time and started back to the office. On my way out I noticed work crews setting up detour signs which raised my interest. Returning during my lunch break I found the crane now occupying the street which helped to reveal its true size. I was able to take photos from all angles and grabbed some great video of a 25 ton parking deck soaring in the sky.

I was impressed by the quite engine of the crane. Very little noise even when the operator was spooling out cable for the riggers. It was by far the quietest machine on the jobsite. The concrete forms arrived by truck from a location in Chambersburg, PA which is nearly five hours south of Syracuse. The trucking firm responsible for the hauling is an outfit by the name of Charles W. Karper Inc. I had the pleasure to speak with one of their drivers as he waited to be unloaded. He told me the drivers try to make the round trip between NY and PA but the facts of construction life often change the best laid plans.


It was great to see this crane in action but I’m left with one question. How do they get this beast out of there? I would love to see the tear down and hauling of this machine. Stay tuned…

The Video. Apologies in advance for the wind noise.

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