Austin-Western Motor Graders

I still have a few more interesting items for the Palmyra municipal auction from late May in the form of motor graders, Austin-Western graders to be exact. I immediately gravitated to one of the oldest machines in the group, a 1961 Super 100 with six wheel drive. This machine was painted in red and came with appeared to be a old fire truck light. Not your typical DPW colors of orange or yellow. It came to the auction by the way of Pendleton, NY. There is probably an interesting story behind the color but damned if I know what it is. Final hammer price on this classic machine was 2,000. Check the video below for a view of the cab with more than enough levers and buttons to go around.

Below, a more complete view of the grader offerings.

Used Motor Graders

And more select angles.

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6 Responses to Austin-Western Motor Graders

  1. Jason says:


    That red is very likely the original color. A quick search for Austin-Western equipment shows that most of their early equipment was painted a red/orange color.

    Ballston Spa had one of the smaller 4-wheel Austin-Western graders when I was growing up. It was my favorite piece of equipment the village owned. When we had a good storm, they’d use the grader to plow the streets in my neighborhood. Ballston’s Austin-Western was yellow. Not sure if yellow was the original color. The grader was older than me.

    Jason C

  2. d.m. says:

    I’ve got a 54 Austin Western grader we use for road maintenance in a small community. Runs like a noisy charm.
    Any one know how to adjust the brakes? There are holes in the flywheel similar to older brake drums but I cannot feel any notches to make adjustments.
    I am a also looking for a parts source for repairs down the road.

  3. duane mumm says:

    Just bought Austen western grader . Ser number H5186 . 6cyl gas start/ diesel run .Any body know moldel this is ?

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