Autocar Mondays – 1956 DC with Integral Sleeper

Join me as we travel back in time to the 2011 ATCA national meet in Macungie, PA. Once again the archives of Daily Diesel Dose provide amazing footage of a very unique Autocar DC100 with integral sleeper. I’m not to entirely sure of the model but after browsing through Autocar Trucks of the 1950’s by Ron Adams I feel I’ve made a good guess. If you happen to know better please let me know.

Autocar DC100

Trucks like this one are as close as mankind will come to time travel. Sorry Mr.Fusion powered Deloran lovers. Keep dreaming. On the hood I can faintly see the phrase “1956 Model” which based on the style of the cab, grill, and sleeper seem correct. Then again, I could be seeing what I want to see. On the door we see the faded lettering for “Cam’s Union 76” of Warrenton, NC. The vibe I’m getting from this truck is that it was spec’d to be a highway hauler. I don’t believe the front axle ever saw spoke wheels but some form of steel budd. Once again, just a guess. Based on the rust around the doors and windshield this is not one of the lighter aluminium cab DC models. Take a moment to watch the video below and see if you can identify the make of the Cummins that brings this truck to life. More photos of the truck and engine can be found here at

I believe the driver of this truck is Ray Slagle who typically shows up to these kind of events in a very nice Brockway 761. Any tips on make/model/year/power plant are welcome!

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  1. George Murphey says:

    Ray Slagle’s startlingly bold 1959 Autocar DC102.

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