Autocar Mondays – 1963 DC75

Today we travel down memory lane in style wit this 1963 DC75 Autocar truck as it appeared at the 2003 ATHS National Convention in Syracuse, NY.

Back in ’63 This Autocar would have been considered the stylish largecar of the day with its many unique features including integral sleeper, drive spot light, ample mirrors and heavy duty radiator guard. I’m not sure if 54 years ago this truck had all those features but I can tell you without a doubt that this truck turned heads with or without them. And what about that period correct Great Dane trailer? What a great looking combo of how OTR trucks used to look. If you stop by Hanks Truck Pictures by clicking here you can see a shot of this truck before it was restored. Can you spot the differences?

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4 Responses to Autocar Mondays – 1963 DC75

  1. Tony Smith says:

    Hey! Thanks for featuring my truck! This was taken when Cliff Hicklin owned it. He’s the one that did the restoration. I bought it from him in 2013. It’s now doing duty as a vintage race car hauler. I have lots of pictures if you’re interested.

  2. R Dessormeau says:

    Very cool A car

  3. Fred Bader says:

    Restoration Pics? Thank you!

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