Autocar Mondays – 1967 DC 103

Join me as I once again fire up the wayback machine and travel to the simpler time of 2008. Back then the Apple iPhone was barely a year old and gallon of gas sold for right around 4.00 dollars. I guess we had it great back than?! At the very least there were some great trucks to drool over if you could afford driving to a show.

This particular model is a 1967 DC103. Owned by Tom Amaducci, it has been seen at the ATCA Macungie show more than a handful of times with the most recent appearance being last year. I happy to report it still looks just as perfect now as it did eight years ago.

1967 Autocar DC103

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One Response to Autocar Mondays – 1967 DC 103

  1. Anthony Cortese says:

    I have a 1973 Autocar DC 10364B that I completely restored. I would like to send you pictures and maybe you can post them. Where can I email them?

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