Autocar Mondays – 1982 Autocar Semi

Can you believe I went to a municipal truck auction over three weeks ago and I am now just posting photos and videos?! Crazy but worth the wait…I hope. Despite reviewing the auction catalog for weeks prior I missed lot 462, a 1982 Autocar semi from the Town of Penfield, NY.

All things considered, this truck was in amazing shape. Even the rusty fenders had more strength to them than the average brand new passenger car door. A Cummins 300 and the trusty Fuller 8LL transmission (air shift) form the familiar blueprint of Autocar specs the world over. The cab was rust free. That’s right, cab corners, door jambs, all clean. Even that spot of above the windshield that always rots out on ACars was fine. The interior was in a good shape too with only minor damage to the dash. The steering wheel, still sporting the old style Autocar logo, was clean and unbroken, all three feet of it. Power steering? Maybe for whimps. How about that windshield cleaner reservoir? DOT would pass it just because it’s so cool. Only 130,000 miles. Here is a video of me drooling over it.


More too come from this auction this week and even more regarding Autocars!

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4 Responses to Autocar Mondays – 1982 Autocar Semi

  1. Joe says:

    That is a beauty Eric. Penfield always had some cool trucks.

    Funny to read about this posting about this auction as I was just wondering to myself today if you went and took pictures!

  2. Standard Steel says:

    Good morning
    I own this Autocar sold at the auction

    Is there a supplier that may have old
    inventory for frame and other parts ?

    Looking for the crossover piece between
    frame rails, between rears Hendrickson


  3. Saul Mendoza says:

    Is this Truck for sale?
    call me 209 666 5437

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